Horror Movies based on Social Media

Who does not have a social media account these days? Horror movies have started showing the horrors of social media because it is so relatable and can be scary realistic. I have run in to a couple of titles on the theme when I watch movies online on solarmoviecom.com and would like to share a short list of movies with you guys.

Friend request

Laura, a popular college student, accepts a friend request from a girl she does not know. This girl turned out to be jealous of Laura’s popularity and aimed to cut down Laura’s friend list of 800 to 1.


When a hacker invades the PC of a computer genius, a mysterious force takes the will of human beings. Soon enough a forceful suicide epidemic happens and panic dominates the population. They must now find a way to shut down the computer system in order to save mankind.


A zombie apocalypse hit and a bunch of teens only have social media as a means to communicate with each other to find a plan to get out of their zombie-infested school.


This film focuses on a creepy stalker with above-average hacking skills who infiltrates the social media accounts and webcam of a young lady who garnered his interest. He is soon able to access her files and eventually, gets access to her apartment.


This movie follows the story of a group of 12-year-old girls who gets caught in a social media game that has made bitching a sport. When all the girls were left alone in an abandoned house for one night, cyberbullying upgrades into murder.

Megan is missing

Two teenage girls meets a guy in a chat room. One of the friends agrees to go out and meet him but she never comes back. So the other friend goes looking and attempts to find answers about her friend’s disappearance.

When you watch movies online, look out for these titles in order to have an idea about how dark the online world of social media can be.